To initiate the activities of CIAT, a number of distinguished traditional architectural practices, from a spread of countries, will by invited to become Founding Members.

But prior to the inauguration of CIAT and the making public of the website, a minimum of five such practices will be sought. These five or more will pledge on joining to pay to CIAT the first subscription of £1000 only when the total of five has been reached. At that moment, all the five or more will have the opportunity to approve all the others that they are to join with in CIAT. Each shall then pay the £1000 subscription and CIAT will be inaugurated and the website made public. These initial subscriptions will form the seed corn for launching CIAT. Following these initial subscriptions of £1000 Founding Members shall pay the same annual subscription as Standard Members. Following inauguration more Founding Members will be sought up to a limit agreed by the CIAT Board. After that no more shall be created

The submission of this form is a pledge to be a Pre-Inaugural Founding Member according to the conditions here and on the website

NOTE. In CIAT Founding Members like Standard Members are architectural practices not individuals

* indicates required
For USA specify country and state eg "USA Illinois". For all others specify country only eg "Germany"
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